Friday, March 13, 2009


Passion is a challenging word. There are semantics involved. Passion is not its own objective. However, living with passion can be (see Intention). Having a passion is different again.

I live my life with passion a lot of the time. It’s an attitude where I don’t take things for granted, I see the vividness of my experience, and I relish in it. But, so far, I don’t think I have a passion in my life (outside my family). I don’t have a thing I can’t not do.

I have friends who do. I see in them a desire so strong that they are willing to sacrifice for it. I greatly admire them, and even envy them. Like Lucia, leaving husband and baby in Vancouver to act in Calgary, in a play about the next ice age, in an unheated tent, in –20 weather, or six weeks. Clearly, she either has a passion for acting and her craft, or was just really desperate for the money.

I have tried many things from business to acting to photography to triathlons. I like them all well enough, and enjoy them, often intensely. But, I won’t sacrifice much for them.

My wife Lisa has always enjoyed gardening. However, I have noticed lately that it has moved to a completely different level. The gardening books have increased in number and changed from the ‘how to’s’ bought at the Garden Centre to actual textbooks. She has enrolled in a six week course on Permaculture (google it). She devours articles on sustainable farming. But, I believe it was the homemade worm composter in the garage that tipped the scales from hobby to passion.

I am coming to realize though that having a passion isn’t really a choice. I can’t just decide one day that my passion is kayaking. Its elusive, when it happens, it happens.

I am wondering though, here I am on Spring Break holiday, up before the dawn, writing....


  1. okay, so the challenge as we read and meld some of your words, is passion and failure and intention. I agree that often, passion finds us - if we are aware. Then to be intentional and pay attention to where that passion wants to lead us - and then to resist, fight back against the failure part is what really fans the flame. Oh, I do long for that kind of freedom. It's rather brave to embrace passion/a passion/ the passion.

  2. mmmm...
    coupla links...
    perhaps passion goes where it wills,
    like spirit... and maybe the door needs to be open for her to wander through...if she notices we are unwilling or unable to indulge her,
    she cools...we need to be free to rise and wake up our part...
    in seasons where duty or vision or other things prevail,
    through choice or imposition,
    we are not fully available for her...
    but seasons are not forever...