Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am out of the closet as a creative person. This is not as easy as it sounds. For years I have fought against this idea. I used to think that all right brained people were good for was to entertain left brained people. I would sit in the audience, acting logical and rational, when all the while, inside, I wished it was me on stage.

It’s not that I was afraid to show my creative side – as long as it looked like a hobby. I thought for sure when I switched from PC’s to Apple I would be found out.

I loved hanging around creative people, discussing things in ways I couldn’t elsewhere. But then I’d be back at the office talking in my business voice acting like ‘art’ is what one buys at galleries on the weekend.

I remember once being out of town on a business trip. I slipped away from the meetings and found an artist supply store. I bought a pad of paper and some Caran d’ache crayons. I spent the evening in my room drawing.

As I think about it, even as a teenager I knew I had creative tendencies. I took a dance class, a ballet class in fact, when I was 18. I told everyone I thought it would help my skiing, and that it was a great place to meet girls (that part was true).

I could be creative in business, but there it’s called ‘problem solving’. My favorite meetings were with our ad agency. I’d always volunteer to meet at their offices. So cool. I’d dress different on those occasions. It felt like a day off. We probably spent more than we needed to on advertising.

But now, I am no longer in the shadows. I can openly say I don’t like analyzing financial statements or looking at stock charts. I like ideas. I like expressing ideas in writing, in art, and sometimes even on stage. I want the application of ideas to be my career – actually more than my career – being creative is simply who I am.


  1. Pretty sure this is no surprise to all those who love you. But I'm always pleased and proud of friends who come out.

  2. Living in this house on Bowen..with these books, these pieces of art, reading these blogs, I'd say you have a whole new career ahead of you Rory...leap!