Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Its said that 'curiosity killed the cat'.  I am more inclined to think that curiosity kills the dogma. How can you be curious and have a closed mind?  At one point, explorers chose to be curious about what was beyond the horizon, even though the common belief then was that the world was flat.

If I am curious I hold my resolves with an open hand.  Rather than believing that I know the truth, instead my curiosity makes me a pursuer of truth.  If I am curious I am open to new ideas, new thought, new people.  If I am curious I am seeking to understand, to know, to learn.  

Curiosity is a cornerstone attribute in children.  Exploring, trying, building, creating, experimenting, learning.  Yet, somehow with age, it fades.  We aren't so much curious as we are certain.  Over time we've decided the way things are, or aren't.  Why is that? "Because I say so".

We celebrate the curious - DaVinci, Einstein, Eddison, Newton, Bell, Pasteur, etc.  Art is the expression of the curious.  It seems that to be curious means to want to know what's on the other side.  

I want to be more curious.  I want to be slow to judge, slow to decide.    I want to be an explorer, an adventurer in life,  a pursuer of truth.  I have lots of horizons that define my universe. I would like to get in a boat and sail towards them,  on the off chance that once reached, I won't fall off the end.


  1. This is awesome! Yes! Yes! Yes! to all of it. Lorne Wilkinson once told a philosophy class he taught at Regent that if we really love the One who said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life that we should be willing to find Him wherever He was...even if it meant finding bits of Him (the Truth) in the Koran, the Bhagvaghita, in the words of an atheist, communist, or a Republican...I am learning that Lorne was really on to something.

  2. Hey Rory,

    Good reading... great food for thought.. Have you ever read the 'Tao of Pooh'? About becoming the uncarved block? very similar thinking to your post..