Sunday, April 12, 2009


Plato, in writing to Socrates, said ‘an unexamined life is not worth living’. These past forty days have been an opportunity for me to examine life, and in particular my life in the context of the Lenten season. It has been profound.

The idea of examining life in a public realm may seem somewhat exhibitionist. I certainly never wanted to trade on my vulnerability. My primary objective in writing a public blog instead of my own personal journal, was if it was public then I was accountable. I had to write each day as promised, and it had to be both relevant and readable.

Knowing I had friends and family reading meant it had to be authentic, I could not get away with any bullshit. I think in fact I was more honest writing in public than I would have been if I was the only audience.

I knew that each of the posts could not be prescriptive in nature. I was in no position to teach or instruct on any one side of any of the issues. Instead, I chose the kinds of topics I would like talk about over coffee or a beer. In fact, many of them found their genesis at the coffee shop or on a run or over dinner. Each morning was the beginning of a conversation that I had the luxury of starting.

So, at the end of it what have I learned? First, I really enjoy writing. Second, I really enjoy spending time, each day, thinking through what is important to me. Third, the forty topics I wrote on will have a lasting impact on who I am as a person. And finally, there are many, many conversations yet to be had.

In the meantime I am in Namibia, South West Africa. I am here to meet up with Patrick, my middle son, who is arriving on a tall ship. After a week together, I will have a few days on my own – I have rented camping gear, however I am not yet sure if I’ll be brave enough to follow through camping by myself.

I will however be left with just my own thoughts for about a week, the prospect of which both excites me, and leaves me absolutely terrified. Depending on my access to the internet you may just be able to share in some of that terror.

I am incredibly grateful to all who read my posts each day. Thank you to those who left comments and encouragements. I am not sure what is next. I have some ideas, and I will probably keep writing regularly. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to send me an email at Again, thank you and Happy Easter.


  1. Rory - please keep blogging! I loved reading your thoughts; they enriched my day. I didn't read them each day as you wrote, but in big gulps as I had time to take them in.

    Viva creativity!! :)

  2. All I have to say is 'amen' to what Mark wrote above, oh, and when are you and Lisa (and as many of your kids as possible!!) coming to Calgary? You will always have a place to stay and lots and lots of conversation.

  3. Forest Gump NEEDED to run, Rory you NEED to write. It is who you are and allows you to express yourself. You need to think through what form and fashion the writing will take place but you NEED to write my friend. And thank-you for allowing me (us) to come on this 40 day journey with you.